Yasuhiro Saito

Trial Advocacy Program

For over 20 years, Yasuhiro Saito has guided some of the world’s largest corporations through their toughest problems. A partner and practice-group leader at prominent Wall Street law firms prior to founding his own firm, Yasuhiro serves regularly as lead counsel for large businesses faced with major corporate scandals and complex commercial disputes.

A skilled advocate and trusted adviser, Yasuhiro has led the defense of major financial institutions and large accounting firms in some of the largest financial and accounting scandals in the last two decades. Yasuhiro’s most recent cases include white-collar criminal and civil litigation matters representing major banks and their senior executives, a white-collar criminal  defense matter involving FCPA and kick-back allegation against a major medical device manufacturer, and a white-collar criminal defense matter involving allegations of OFAC violations and money laundering connected to the US-Iran nuclear deal and President Obama’s pardoning of several defendants.