Tom Scanlon

Financial Regulatory Reform – Looking Back to the Dodd-Frank Act

Tom is Of Counsel at Dorsey & Whitney LLP, and his practice focuses on helping financial institutions, fintech companies, and other clients on regulations for banking activities, payments systems, and consumer financial products and services. He is experienced in counseling clients on ways to adapt financial products or services to changing rules, advising on transactions, and helping to address supervisory actions by the bank regulatory agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Tom also has advised fintech companies on compliance with federal and state laws that apply to a money transmitter. While serving at the Department of the Treasury, Tom worked as the principal attorney of the Treasury team to draft the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 (Title X of the Dodd-Frank Act). He also served on the team that advised Secretary Timothy F. Geithner on the law and policy for implementing reforms for regulating swaps and derivatives, including the Secretary’s determination on the treatment of FX swaps and forwards. Tom has extensive experience advising on issues that involve the Federal Reserve’s regulations, the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, the National Bank Act, the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, the financial privacy and data security requirements, financial data aggregation, and vendor-management standards.