Sonia Park

Pathways to Public Executive Appointments

Sonia Park has over 20 years of charter school experience with a background in organization and school development, support, and accountability in relation to school-based, district, and state and federal policies and practices. She leads the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition, a coalition of over 100 individual diverse-by-design charter schools located in 20 states and DC. Prior to DCSC, she served under Secretary John King at the US Department of Education as a Senior Policy Advisor, where she worked on policies concerning charter schools. Sonia also served as the Executive Director of Charter Schools Accountability and Support in NYC Department of Education. This office had direct oversight of NYC DOE authorized charter schools and provided operational support for all NYC-based charters. In addition to leading Manhattan Charter Schools, a two-school charter network located in lower Manhattan, Sonia has experience working for the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, NY Charter Schools Resource Center, NY Charter Schools Association, and Edison Schools.