Kate Broderick

Emerging Technology 101: Adapting to This Brave New World

Kate Broderick advises global business teams on the legal issues of technology adoption, cybersecurity, and corporate governance as a Law Clerk on AIG’s global legal team. Kate’s interest in emerging technology, cybersecurity and privacy predates her legal career. Her master’s thesis examined the interaction between Google and Twitter’s respective privacy policies and the effectiveness of their communications to the public as a result of the PRISM disclosure by Edward Snowden. While studying in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, one of the first autonomous vehicle pilot programs prompted her to pursue further study in artificial intelligence (AI). While attending William & Mary Law School, Kate studied autonomous vehicle regulation and other AI-related legal issues (e.g. hiring discrimination and implementation ethics) as part the first legal course in the U.S. dedicated to legal issues in AI. Kate earned her B.A. in Humanities and MSc in Global Strategic Communications from the Florida Institute of Technology. She also holds an MPhil in Medieval Languages, Literature and Culture from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Kate earned her J.D. from William & Mary Law School. She is pending admission to the New York State Bar.